New Homebuilders

Builders have seen the advantage of buyATauction's proactive accelerated marketing program in which both Buyers and Sellers truly benefit. In traditional real estate marketing, a builder maintains the cost of the sales office, staff, advertising, online marketing expenses and other sales related items that must be passed on to the buyer. With our program, the accelerated pace, volume and value enables the seller to save money and in turn able to pass these savings on to the buyer.

Many builders are utilizing buyATauction by joining efforts to market quality real estate at prices which the Buyer determines.

Discover the Best Way to Buy and "Sell” Real Property.

The Auction Process

Recently, more corporate sellers have been favoring the use of auctions for the sale of desirable real estate. Characteristics (some-times overlapping) of properties or ownership circumstances that favor an auction include:

  • Property is not easily valued.
  • Timing of the sale of the real estate is important.
  • Seller structures the deal it wants and the market bids the price on the deal structure presented.
  • Seller has a large parcel suitable for development.
  • Portfolio includes sales of multiple properties owned in the same estate.
  • Auctions best satisfy arm’s length transaction requirements.
  • The auction process can help the company document the prudence of the decision-making process in a way
  • far superior to its conventional sales counterpart.

Alternative Disposition Strategies

The cost of the conventional sale are generally perceived as less than in the auction format. This is generally true with less valuable properties, where the cost of a professional marketing program may not be warranted.