Our Mission

We provide an alternative to those who care to Sell or Acquire Real property. Our customer’s desire ownership of select assets without the gamesmanship of dealing with a Realtor (costs of doing so). Our belief is when Sellers understand the value of our model while obtaining True Market Value with Buyers who seek the same, our Auction Model provides the tool to sell with the same traditional assurances the market demands.

Company Summary

buyATauction is a Licensed Delaware Real Estate Company regulated by the Real Estate Commission.

buyATauction.com markets real estate with all the programs offered and assurances of a REALTOR with differentiation.

  • Yes will not compete against ourselves within your market! 
  • Yes we utilize all traditional marketing tools (MLS, Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia and print) while creating Urgency and Opportunity that only an our methods will afford.

Even though we set a future Auction date, our strategy allows the selling process to continue. Exposure and differentiation are vital. With all others marketing in a traditional manner, price points becomes the primary factor to generate site visits and interest. We on the other hand realize that no one can compete with an Auction opportunity (since the Buyer determines the price) which will generate far more inquiries, showings, excitement and offers!

Both sides of the transaction benefit.

  • Seller achieves their goals of a quick seamless sale.
  • Buyer will purchase at their price with the all of the assistance and assurances the Industry affords. 

We completely understand that Buying or selling Real Estate is the biggest transaction most will experience. It can be emotional, exciting, and even nerve racking. Guidance from my team of experienced professionals with over $700M in closed transactions will go a long way to achieve your goals.

When your agent tells you to reduce the PRICE, why not give us a call!