What ensures a successful auction?

Of course, the property's value is the most important factor for success; however, using a professional auction company that guides the entire process greatly contributes to the success. The auction company should promote the sale, make certain the property is ready for sale, prepare information packages, manage the event and follow up on the closing.

Here are some of our happy clients...

The Dryden’s

The staff at buy@auction.com helped with every step including introducing us to a Great Mortgage Lender. Wow , what a way to buy a home!!!!

Richard and Sherri Burns

We investigated the Auction opportunity, went to the open house and fell in love with the Victorian Home. We went to the Auction with a dollar amount in mind and were the High Bidder. The process was GREAT!!

Clare & Fonda Shearer

We came down from Pennsylvania not expecting to buy this home; boy are we glad we did!!

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