SOLD! Stillwater Delmar Delaware

Record Plat ( pre-2015 Regulations)
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  •   Mar 17 @ 8:05am EDT (End)
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  • Sussex Conservation District has approved the construction plans.
  • Town of Delmar Engineer has approved the construction plans.
  • Town of Delmar Planning Commission has granted final plat approval subject to the Public Works Agreement being completed and a construction bond/letter of credit being posted for the public utility improvements.
  • DelDot has granted entrance/roadway construction approval subject to several conditions being met which are detailed in the attached DelDot letter.
  • The public works agreement (PWA) has been prepared in draft form, however, it has not been finalized.  If the project were to be sold, the new owners would be required to enter into the PWA.  Also, the new owners would be required to provide a bond/letter of credit for the public infrastructure work, as well as, guarantee the work for the period specified in the PWA.
  • Homeowner's Association Documents (HOA) must be prepared and submitted for approval by the Town of Delmar attorney.  Draft documents were prepared, but have not been finalized or approved.
  • Final plat must be recorded - this cannot be accomplished until the  1) HOA documents have been approved, 2) PWA has been finalized and approved, and 3) Bond/Letter of Credit has been posted. 

2005188-final-plat cover (1)

Recorded PLAT cover


DELDOT Entrance approval

Title policy, plan zone, council minutes

Title policy and Delmar Town Council minutes

Stillwater appraisal 2012

Appraisal from 2012